I´m a Motion Designer based in Hamburg. My focus is on 3D and 2D animation with After Effects, Cinema 4D and Houdini.

2D Animation

No matter if typography, illustration, characters or pictures. With After Effects I animate all imaginable visual concepts according to your ideas.

3D Illustration /

From product shots to abstract simulations or effects. I literally bring everything to life

Socal Media Advertising

Social media is an integral part of the advertising industry these days. The stories have to be told differently than in traditional advertising. In direct cooperation with Facebook, I have developed many social media ads over the past few years.

CREATIVE Conception

Beyond these technical skills, my longtime experience in the post and ad industry coming handy for Look Development, Style Frames and Art Direction.


Here you can find my personal projects. – this is how I achieve artistic peace.
Have a look, I look forward to every new contact!